We are Rene and Joey Buhrs, working together on occasion as a creative team of portrait, model and fashion photographers since 2009.

On this website we display the photos we created together, we call this the ReJo project. It is an interesting project because as photographers we both have very different styles.

But people and photography are a passion we have in common. The ReJo project mission is to display the beauty of people, because ... all people are beautiful and unique in so many ways.

In the ReJo project we design the photo concepts together, when we execute Rene is responsible for lighting and Joe takes most of the pictures. Rene does most of the post processing.

Do you have questions, or do you like to be on this website as a model, or maybe just want to make us a compliment? We like to hear from you!


Contact Us


Het Bildt 131
8245CN Lelystad
The Netherlands

Email info@rejo-photo.nl

Phone 06-55392084 or +(31)6-55392084 outside Netherlands